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US Attorney
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Licensing Overseas Litigation Representation / Adv
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Sungbok Chung is a US attorney at Kasan, specializing in overseas patent dispute and licensing. He is also actively involved in lectures in his areas of expertise. His reasonable way of thinking and flexibility has contributed to the growth of Kasan since he had joined in 2001. Inside the office, he donated an electronic coffee machine in order to ensure that everyone at Kasan enjoys barista-level coffee. Outside the office, his legal expertise and sense of ownership have allowed him to successfully solve patent problems not only with major companies but middle to small sized companies that are not familiar with patents. When a multinational corporate giant patent-bullied one of our clients, Sungbok Chung responded right on the mark to the opponent's technology negotiation, calling off the other party's unreasonable demands and thereby reviving the company that had almost given up. His enthusiasm and commitment to his work and clients have solved the toughest of problems for many years. During his free time, Sungbok Chung enjoys watching Animal Kingdom on the National Geographic TV channel, leaving his hard-working reason to rest while nurturing his intuition and instinct. Driving outdoors in the suburbs refreshes his mind and heightens productivity as well.


  • 1995, Franklin Pierce Law Center (M.A.)
  • 1982, Kyungpook National University, Electronic Engineering (B.A.)


  • Current, Partner, Kasan
  • Current, Member of New York State Bar Association
  • Current, KAIST (Adjunct Professor, Intellectual Property)
  • Current, Cheil Industries Inc (Legal counsel)
  • Current, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (Lecturer, International Litigation)
  • Current, American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ANCHAM) (Member, Intellectual Property Subcommittee)
  • Current, AIPPI (Member)
  • 2000, Korean Intellectual Property Office, (Member, Industrial Property Right Amendment Practices Committee)
  • 2000, Daeryook & Aju (US Attorney)
  • 1982-1999, Samsung Electronics (Head of Group, Intellectual Property Group)



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