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Korean Patent attorney
Practice Areas
Application / Registration Trial / Litigation Patent Landscaping
Display Chemistry
Contact / 070-4619-3740
AHN JE HYUN Korean Patent attorney


Je-Hyun Ahn is a patent attorney who specializes in patent prosecution, trial and litigation, and technology value assessment in the electronics/electrics industry, especially display and electronic materials.
Je-Hyun's strengths include high industry expertise and strong professionalism, allowing him to go beyond working on individual cases and provide all-round consulting, actively looking for better ways to maximize benefits and opportunity for his clients.
His unique way of engaging with cases often has his clients think that they are working with an in-house IP consultant.
A fan of new adventures and a dreamer, Je-Hyun enjoys the funniest of imaginations. He also believes in making every day a better one than yesterday.


  • 2010, Yonsei University, School of Engineering, Engineering Management Program (Completed)
  • 2010, Yonsei University, School of Engineering (M.A., Electric and Electronic Engineering)
  • 2007, Korea National Open University School of Law (Bachelor of Law)
  • 2001, Seoul National University (B.A., Veterinary Science)


  • Current, Partner, Kasan
  • Current, Shinhwa Intertech Inc. (Advisory Korean Patent attorney)
  • Current, Institute for Information Technology Advancement (Expert Advisor)
  • 2004-Current, Samsung SMD, Samsung Display (Korean Patent attorney)
  • Current, Korea Invention Promotion Association (Appointed Lecturer, Undergraduate/Graduate School)
  • 2004, HANOL Intellectual Property & Law (Korean Patent attorney, Electronics)
  • 2003, Passed 40th Korean Patent Attorney Examination



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