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Korean Patent Attorney
Practice Areas
Application / Registration Trial / Litigation Patent Landscaping
Software / ICT
Contact / 070-4619-3743
SEUNG-WON CHAE Korean Patent Attorney


Seung-Won Chae is a patent attorney at Kasan and a former software developer. He specializes in patent application and evaluation, patent invalidity search, advice on dispute risks, trials, and litigation related to ICT patents such as software, game and telecommunication. Seung-Won's clients include various major ICT companies including Samsung SDS and Korea Internet and Security Agency, ICT startups such as ST&COMPANY, Uberple, Spika. Seung-Won's happiest moment at Kasan was his morning bus ride on the first day he joined Kasan. The beginner's determination, excitement and expectations continue to live in his mind every day, allowing him to strive for perfection at work. He is a highly rational and concentrative professional in the workplace and also a warm-hearted person who appreciates every morning and every moment spent with his family.


  • 2003, Yonsei University (B.S., Computer and Industrial Engineering)


  • Current, Partner, Kasan
  • 2006-2008, Sungwoo International Patent Office
  • 2004-2006, Virtual Digm Inc. (Support and development of embedded software related technology)
  • 2003-2004, Core Trust Inc. (Support and development of contents security related technology)



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